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Each treatment is $300.00. We recommend 10 treatments for maximal effect.

COST SAVINGS PLAN: Purchase a package of 10 visits for $2500.00 - Cash Only.

Each session lasts for approximately an hour and a half. This is an intense, ancient treatment that yields the most amazing results. Your friends and family will ask you what you've been up - because you will look so amazing.

Each session starts with a wonderful facial massage using totally organic wonderful products. Then, acupuncture will be used, helping you to relax, sleep better, de-stress, and significantly reduce wrinkles. The needles are retained for 30 minutes. Then, an amazing organic, totally natural mask is applied which will tighten your skin, clean your pores and leave you glowing.

Finally, your session will conclude with a wonderful 'after-massage' to the face using toners, emollients and yogurt and honey to complete the session.

We promise you that as soon as you leave all kinds of people will be checking you out!  You will be glowing.

Do you believe in looking younger and feeling more energized?  Well now you can: safely, organically, naturally and gently - with amazing results.

Come in and start your journey to revitalization and a younger more vibrant you.  

Monthly maintenance sessions are $250 per treatment. 

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M-F 8am-4pm

Saturday appointments available

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